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jQuery Plugin Font Sizer


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What it does?

Font sizer is a highly configurable, unobtrusive jQuery plugin that allows users to adjust the font size of specific area(s) of text on your website. It's lightweight, easy to configure and adds a nice bit of functionality to your blog, forum or news site.

How to use Font Sizer?

Font Sizer requires very little markup to be added to your exsisting pages. At a minimum you'll need a container div element to hold the sizing controls and you'll need to wrap the text that can be resized in a div element.

Required Dependencies

  • Add the "fontSizer" folder to your site root
  • Include jQuery 1.3.x or higher in the document head
  • Include jquery.fontSizer.js in the document head
  • Included stylesheet or append styles to existing css

Basic XHTML markup




Default Usage


Plugin Defaults


Override Defaults


If you prefer to use your own controls instead of the plugins, simply override the controls value by passing false or 0 to the fontSizer() method.